The Apocalypse: An Aussie Update

Report:  An hour and a quarter to the beginning of 21st December:  

  • The sky has gone pitch black.  Like night or something
  • People appear drained of energy, seem to be falling into a deep slumber as time goes on
  • TV show quality seems to be deteriorating, not the same as it was an hour or so ago in prime time
  • Streets are fairly empty, seems people have gone to their ‘houses’ for the ‘evening’
Very suspicious.  More to come.
EDIT:  Fifty minutes until 21st December UPDATE:
  • Many of those who are ‘sleeping’ ate something called ‘dinner’ before retiring, investigations underway to see how widespread this action was
  • Shops are displaying ‘closed’ signs and appear empty of both staff and customers

EDIT:  Thirty minutes until 21st December UPDATE:

  • There are bright, shimmery pinpricks of light in sky which are randomly scattered
  • Difficult to see (both indoors and out) without artificial light 

EDIT:  Twelve minutes until 21st December UPDATE:

  • It has come to our attention that it will be midnight at 12am.  Is it merely a coincidence that this is December, the twelfth month?  Or that it is two thousand and TWELVE?  This is getting very suspicious